Why HVAC branding is important

One of the best things about this country is the ability for anyone to start a business. HVAC contractors, especially here in the Midwest, are important all throughout the year. When the furnace goes out in the winter, you’re our heroes! When we’re suffering through 90-degree weather and the AC breaks, we call you. At some point, everyone will need your services, which is why HVAC branding is so important for your company.

What’s so special about branding?

Before we answer that question, let’s rewind a bit to the days when all we had were the Yellow Pages to guide us. Did you know that, statistically, consumers were likely to call the first company alphabetically? Because of this behavior, many companies made sure their business name started with the letter A.

Branding was somewhat of an afterthought. However, the internet changed all of that. Suddenly, reviews became crowdsourced. Consumers could now extensively research a company online. Subsequently, your company image is now more important than ever.

What’s so important about HVAC branding? In a word: everything. Potential customers are going to make a decision about you based on what they find online. When the furnace goes out, most likely they’ll make a decision about who to contact from a web search on their smartphone.

Simply put, your company’s digital presence — including branding — is going to heavily influence whether or not someone calls you for business. Your digital marketing agency will help you develop a brand kit.

So, what are three super important things they’ll include in your HVAC branding kit?

An official company logo

First, we understand that you may already have a logo. But consider these questions. How old is it? Is it on your website? Is it in black and white or in color?

Here’s one you might not want to admit: does your current logo look like a pencil sketch from 35 years ago? Even worse, is the logo on your current website simply a picture of that logo you took with your cell phone (because you don’t have it as a JPG file)?

Believe it or not, some companies do that! As we said, branding wasn’t as important in the past as it is now. And we completely understand that you may be in love with your logo. That’s okay. But as a part of your HVAC branding kit, your marketing agency should either:

  • recreate the logo digitally, or
  • create a brand new one reflective of your brand today.

This serves two really big purposes:

  • it gives you digital files you can use for professional printing and design work
  • and it gives you crystal clear, high-resolution files for your website.

Remember, image is everything.

You want to put your absolute best foot forward and leave an amazing first impression. Start with a professionally created (or recreated) logo.

Official company colors

Next, you need to figure out your company’s official colors. At some point, you’ll want to do a website redesign. At that time, your web developer will ask you for your “hex codes” or “RGB codes”.

If you say something like “well, they’re blue and gold”, that’s actually not helpful! The truth is that there are hundreds of variations of blue. Do you lean closer to the Maize and Blue or the lighter blue of the Skyline Eagles?

And even then, there still are subtle variations to consider. If your blue is closer to UofM, is it a more of a navy, ink blue, or royal blue?

Your HVAC branding kit will determine specific colors for your brand. Typically, these will be in the form of hex codes. Using the University of Michigan as the example, their official hex codes are:

  • Maize: #ffcb05
  • Blue: #00274c

These colors should be in your logo, which is another reason why your logo may need an update.

Your branding kit will also go a step further and determine secondary colors. UofM has 12 additional secondary colors for the web. Companies use secondary colors from things like hover effects on their menu to buttons in their Calls to Action to the background color on their homepage.

Again, image is everything.

We can’t stress this enough. When the furnace is out, a consumer will make a very quick decision who to call. Official and unified brand colors present a sense of organization and professionalism.

Print designs

Your logo and colors are the two biggest components of your brand kit. A third and perhaps overlooked piece is your print materials. For today’s purposes, we’re going to talk about just two of them.

First, business cards

Business card design is incredibly important. Let’s say you’re prospecting at a trade show. As you meet potential new commercial leads, you’re going to naturally hand them your business card. Take a look at your current card. Does it include your:

  • Official logo;
  • Official colors;
  • Phone number;
  • Website URL;
  • And social media links?

If not, it’s absolutely imperative you redesign your business cards to include all of those.

Second, brochures

Even the savviest digital marketing company still has a need for print leave-behind materials. If a company whose business is primarily web-based has them, then any offline business — including HVAC — needs them too.

Your print brochures should again include your:

  • Official logo;
  • Official colors;
  • Phone number;
  • Website URL;
  • And social media links.

But, they should also include your:

  • Story;
  • Services;
  • Estimated pricing;
  • And anything else specifically relevant to your brand.

We’ll say it again: image is everything.

You want to leave the best impression in someone’s mind about your company. A quality HVAC branding kit will go a long way in setting you apart from the competition.

Final thoughts on HVAC branding

We think it goes without saying, but food for thought. We’ve all heard a variation of the phrase “Standing in a garage doesn’t make you any more of a car than X” where X is whatever point the person is trying to make.

Our point? Having an HVAC branding kit is great. But are you using it?

That’s where we come in! We recognize the challenges you face while running your business. You have a lot to take care of just meeting your customer’s needs. When you partner with a company like Knockout Media we take the stress of marketing your business off of your shoulders.

Interested in finding out how we can develop a branding kit for your HVAC company? Contact us today and we’ll be in touch!

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